Specialty A/C & Heat has provided uncompromising quality service from the very start of the project to the end. My family couldn’t be grateful for the genuine and accurate opinion of the comfort adviser, Wendell, that had been sent out to take care of my grandfathers home. He needed a new furnace and Air conditioning unit. My grandfather is a eavy cigar smoker and it used to be unbearable to even sit for than 10 minutes as the smoke and smell was overwhelming. Without us even asking about our options to get rid of the smell problem, Wendell suggested and educated us on Respicare and Solace Air. Of course, we went with what he suggested and let me tell you after everything was installed, a few hours later, we all began to notice a complete change in the atmosphere. The house is no longer foggy and the smell is almost completely unnoticeable. Now we can visit our grandfather without worrying about his habit! I definitely recommend Specialty A/C and Heat, ask for Wendell!