We have been working with Specialty A/C and heat for the past 8 years. They installed our heat pump and do summer & winter maintenance on both our furnace and heat pump. Wendell has been great since we started working with them. I have never felt pressured or gouged into extra services or products I don’t need or want.

A specific example to show how great he is to work with. We have an electronic air filtration system and at some point the head unit for the system failed and Wendell worked with the manufacturer to ensure a free replacement, even though we were likely outside of warranty.

Most recently one of Wendell’s workers notice some likely critter holes on the back of our heat pump and took the time to show them to me and to see if he could find a referral for crawl space cleaners in which he did.

I always called to thank Wendell for his services but never did it online. So here’s to his professionalism and good nature. He’s just a solid, reliable guy, and he always points out whats working and what’s not and if there are any issues I need to be aware of. Amazing guy with a great attitude! Thanks Wendell!