We had a serious heater problem in the middle of freezing cold winter, we were so uncomfortable. We needed to install new gas furnace as soon as possible. We made the contract with Specialty A/C and Heat, I was very pleased because next morning Wendells technicians showed up on time with everything. He was polite about my belongings, didn’t look around the house to see what I had, he was very knowledgeable, friendly. Every question I asked, he would answer in simple words where I could understand. They did a terrific job within a short period of time, and saved our lives. The install was professionally done, no mickey mouse work, explained everything including the new thermostat that was installed. My new gas furnace installment went very smooth and best of all, no trash, no mess at the end. They had cleaned, sweeped, and arranged my belongings where they were at. My mother and I were very happy with the service provided from Specialty A/C and heat and I would definitely recommend them to any friend. Great job, thank you so much for your help and service!