I used Specialty AC Heat and was very satisfied with the work they provided! Thank you!

Arthur A.

Great Guy’s! One of the best jobs I’ve had so far. Very professional and great quality work.


HVAC Building Engineer

Specialty A/C & Heat handled a couple of heating unit installations at couple of locations, I am very pleased with their punctuality, pleasantness and professionalism.  I would definitely use them of other locations!!!!!  Also, Alejandro is great in keeping the lines of communication open, great customer service!

Marty E.

Very happy! Professional in every way. Had my 1980’s furnace replaced finally. I did my research and wanted to get a Goodman efficient unit. They said no problem and got me the unit with great warranty. Specialty ac and heat beat the other 5 bids that I got. They were the best bid from the rest. They installed my unit clean and efficiently in less than 2 days of me signing the contract.

Love my new unit. Its super quiet, tested very efficiently with ambient air at around 70 degrees. City inspectors passed the installation no problem. After my utility rebates came through, my cost was low especially considering how efficient it is! If you’re getting bids for a new furnace, I recommend you ask Wendell. I felt he was genuinely trying to help and did just that! Thank you!

Christopher L.

Specialty A/C & Heat, they installed a water heater at our house. They did an excellent job, and it passed inspection with the gas company, and building & safety, they both said it was a perfect job well done. We would recommend them to everyone to use their service.

Janet B.

We had a serious heater problem in the middle of freezing cold winter, we were so uncomfortable. We needed to install new gas furnace as soon as possible. We made the contract with Specialty A/C and Heat, I was very pleased because next morning Wendells technicians showed up on time with everything. He was polite about my belongings, didn’t look around the house to see what I had, he was very knowledgeable, friendly. Every question I asked, he would answer in simple words where I could understand. They did a terrific job within a short period of time, and saved our lives. The install was professionally done, no mickey mouse work, explained everything including the new thermostat that was installed. My new gas furnace installment went very smooth and best of all, no trash, no mess at the end. They had cleaned, sweeped, and arranged my belongings where they were at. My mother and I were very happy with the service provided from Specialty A/C and heat and I would definitely recommend them to any friend. Great job, thank you so much for your help and service!

Priscilla Z.

Specialty A/C & Heat has provided uncompromising quality service from the very start of the project to the end. My family couldn’t be grateful for the genuine and accurate opinion of the comfort adviser, Wendell, that had been sent out to take care of my grandfathers home. He needed a new furnace and Air conditioning unit. My grandfather is a eavy cigar smoker and it used to be unbearable to even sit for than 10 minutes as the smoke and smell was overwhelming. Without us even asking about our options to get rid of the smell problem, Wendell suggested and educated us on Respicare and Solace Air. Of course, we went with what he suggested and let me tell you after everything was installed, a few hours later, we all began to notice a complete change in the atmosphere. The house is no longer foggy and the smell is almost completely unnoticeable. Now we can visit our grandfather without worrying about his habit! I definitely recommend Specialty A/C and Heat, ask for Wendell!

George W.

We have been working with Specialty A/C and heat for the past 8 years. They installed our heat pump and do summer & winter maintenance on both our furnace and heat pump. Wendell has been great since we started working with them. I have never felt pressured or gouged into extra services or products I don’t need or want.

A specific example to show how great he is to work with. We have an electronic air filtration system and at some point the head unit for the system failed and Wendell worked with the manufacturer to ensure a free replacement, even though we were likely outside of warranty.

Most recently one of Wendell’s workers notice some likely critter holes on the back of our heat pump and took the time to show them to me and to see if he could find a referral for crawl space cleaners in which he did.

I always called to thank Wendell for his services but never did it online. So here’s to his professionalism and good nature. He’s just a solid, reliable guy, and he always points out whats working and what’s not and if there are any issues I need to be aware of. Amazing guy with a great attitude! Thanks Wendell!

Isis W.

Just great things to say in regard to this association. Beginning with the workplace staff, they were extremely useful and basically just sounded for the most part upbeat which made the entire experience exceptionally charming. We set up an arrangement for a heater tune up and new condenser for Saturday at 9am.Before my arrangement I was reached by Wendell (Dispatch) and was told that the specialist would be nearby soon. I was still in my underwear and half asleep, so it was highly refreshing for the heads up. Wendell’s team showed up not simply on time but rather ten minutes early. This made me feel safe about having an outsider around my family and doing work in my home. He was very well instructed on not only the HVAC field but rather was even ready to give me proposals about my old water warmer and pipes. Next thing you know, I had an awesome looking heater and condenser for a low price compared to other 6 bids I received!

What is written all over the company is the word CARE, they really try to help you understand the process so you don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off. This was very useful to me since I know nothing about the world of air conditioning. Thank you guys!

Maxi L.

Awesome company! Was referred by my home insurance company and he came on time and fixed the issue right away. I highly recommend this company!!!

Melissa M.

Josh and his helper replaced our mess of a water heater and did a great job installing. Best of all on time and right to work. Great job guys!!!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐